After obtaining his Master’s degree in Science and Arts at the University of Maastricht, Sjoerd worked on several research projects, mainly in the field of mobility and culture. In 2010 Sjoerd started to focus more upon a career in photography and soon became a full time photographer. Sjoerd has worked for a number of different clients, both national and international and his photographs are displayed in various different locations such as office walls, hospitals and schools. Besides working on assignment, Sjoerd also works as a stock photographer for Getty Images, an international stock photo agency.


Nature and landscape photography is all about the experience. I’m trying to capture the experience of a certain moment and place to share the experience with the viewer. Mostly this is about capturing the beauty in lines and light, but sometimes it is about a dramatic scene I see unfolding before my lens. I photograph a lot in the IJsseldelta region of my hometown Kampen and other nature reserves in The Netherlands but also during my travels to e.g. Iceland, Scandinavia, Scotland and Argentina/Brazil.
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If you have any questions about my photography, please do not hesitate to contact me. Drop me a line at info @
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Sjoerd van der Wal Photography
Veenmos 145
8265 HV Kampen
The Netherlands
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