Sunrise over blossoming heather


Blossoming heather in a heathland landscape, a subject best photographed during sunrise in my experience. So I got up early this week and hoped for some sunlight, a bit of clouds and mist on the ground. I was not disappointed when I arrived at the Veluwe Heathland just before sunrise.


Summer storm


The beginnings of a summer storm move in over the wheat fields in Flevoland. Impressive cloud formations with the last bits of sunlight on the crops in the fields.


Sea Eagles in Norway


Sea Eagles or White Tailed Eagles in the Bergsfjorden at the island of Senja in Northern Norway. We were lucky enough to spot six Eagles during a recent trip. Here are some shots taken with the Nikon D500 and Sigma 150-600 Sports lens.


Images available for download at Getty Images.

Háifoss waterfall before and after

Like most landscape photographers I prefer to be out there shooting images in stead of sitting behind my computer editing files. Afters switching to Adobe Lightroom, I started using presets in my workflow to speed up editing times but one of the disadvantages is that most presets do not deliver the outcome you'd like personally so in the end I was making most of my adjustments manually again.

A few weeks ago I came across the Sleeklens Trough The Woods Workflow for landscape photographers and after test driving them for a bit I'm really impressed. The workflow offers a variety of different settings for color and black and white images, but more importantly the workflow is gradually letting you make adjustments step by step. You can start by editing the whole image at once with an 'All-in-one' adjustment and work your way from there. So here's what I did with this image of the Háifoss waterfall in Iceland.

I've applied the 'All-in-one - Love Me Tender' adjustment stacked with a 'Base - Basic Film' adjustment to bring back some contrast. I know, the image looks maybe worse than the basic image I started with, but I used these settings especially for the skies.

To bring back some color and clarity, I then applied the 'Polish - Punch It Up' adjustment and the 'Polish - Sharpen' adjustment. I toned down the vibrance a bit.

As a last step to arrive at the image on the top right is to go to the brushes and make some local adjustments. This is perhaps the feature I like most of the Sleeklens workflow. You can use the pre-defined Brushes to make subtle local adjustments. I put some more contrast and clarity in the sky as well as reducing the highlights to avoid blown out parts. And I brought up the shadows in the foreground, to lighten some areas down in the valley of the Háifoss waterfall.

You can learn more about the Sleeklens presets here:
and this specific Through The Woods workflow here:
and to learn how to use them you can have a look at the tutorials:

Polar light over Senja in Norway


A week of chasing the Northern Lights at Senja island in Northern Norway. Wonderful scenery and great opportunities to capture the Aurora Borealis. Here are some shots made with the Nikon D800 and AFs 14-24mm f/2.8 lens.




Winter landscapes


Some proper winter days in January with frost on the trees and a thin layer of snow on the ground. Here some landscapes around Kampen of the last moments of the wintry atmosphere before the snow melted and the frost came setting down from the trees.


A little bit of winter

We've seen a couple of wintry days over the last few weeks in The Netherlands. Here are a few landscapes of the IJssel river and Veluwe nature reserve in cold conditions.


2016 Favorites


The year is coming to an end. Time to take a look at some of my favorite shots of 2016.


Cold foggy morning


Winter is definitely on its way. Cold freezing morning landscapes around the Zwartendijk in de IJsseldelta region near my hometown Kampen.


Posbank Sunrise

A few more blossoming Heather images. This time from the Posbank hills in the Veluwezoom nature reserve during sunrise. The Posbank is a beautiful area to capture the blossoming Heather, especially during sunrise when there is some fog over the hills.